1 Samuel 22 - Psalm 56

David hides out from Saul in a cave.  Discontents and debtors flock to him.  Saul is full of self-pity and anger at his advisors.  Doeg rats on David, and Saul unjustly condemns Nob's priests for helping David.  Doeg kills them and their town and families.  One of the priest's sons escapes to David who takes responsibility when he hears of it.

Psalm 56
Men are out to kill David, but he will trust in God.  God is for him, marks all his sorrows and troubles, and will deliver him.

How this is about Jesus
Caiaphas (Saul) unjustly condemns Jesus (Nob priests) and gets Rome/Pilate (Doeg) to kill Him/them.
God delivers Jesus from men out to kill Him, as the Son trusts the Father and does His will.

David's leadership skill must have grown during this time - hard to corral all the discontents!
Saul's leadership is shown to be poor: manipulation by pity and bribery.
Saul blames his advisors when he is mainly to blame.  David accepts responsibility that is barely his at all.

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