John Owen on the Spirit in Christ's Ministry

Part IV: Christology
Chapter 21 - Christology

The Puritans had a distinctive take on the person of Christ.

The Reformed generally were different from Lutherans in this area, by emphasizing the distinct human and divine natures of Christ.  Lutherans say the properties of the divine nature of Jesus are communicated mysteriously to His human nature.  The Reformed reject that, saying instead that the finite human nature cannot contain the infinite divine nature.

The problem with the Lutheran or Roman view is, there is no need for the Spirit in the ministry of Christ.  His divine nature took care of it.  John Owen took an opposite and unconventional view that the Spirit worked ALL Christ's supernatural acts.  Owen wasn't alone in this, and it makes Christ's humanity more meaningful to us.  The Spirit helped Him just as He helps us, with no "superman" advantage from the divine nature.

It is important to consider this, as the person of Christ gives His work its meaning.

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