Psalms 24-26

The earth is God's, since He made it.
Who can go up to Him?  The pure in heart.
The gates and doors of Zion stand up straight to receive the King of Glory as He enters!

I lift my soul to You in trust.  Teach me.  Forgive me.
God is a good teacher in ways that give life.
He gives pardon, prosperity of soul, and His friendship to sinners.
I am lonely and troubled - guard my soul, and redeem Israel from trouble.

Vindicate me, Lord.  I am not in unrepentant sin.  I reject evil.  I worship and love You.
Don't sweep me away with the unjust schemes of the wicked.

How this is about Jesus
He is the King of Glory!  All the earth is His.
Only He is good and pure.  We ascend to God in Him, because He ascended first.
25 - He lifted His soul to God in trust, and cried out in trouble, though He didn't need forgiveness.
26 - He walked with integrity and God vindicated Him at His resurrection.

  • Praise the King of glory by walking in purity.
  • Realize the prosperity of soul God is leading you toward (25:13).
  • Seek pardon and wisdom from God (25:4-7).  These are often synonymous.  When you repent, you are admitting your stupidity and failure.  When you seek counsel, it's admitting you aren't on track yet.
  • Though we are sinful in all that we do, there is a time to plead our innocence before God for what is happening to us: when we are falsely accused, and when we plead Christ's righteousness as our own.

Psalm 26:11 -
"But as for me, I shall walk in my integrity;
redeem me, and be gracious to me."

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