Stay and Serve at Church / Fathering / Our Exile / Islam

Church is not there to serve you. You are there at church to serve others.

Good stuff on fatherhood here.

On thinking twice before bolting from a bad church.  As a church leader, I really liked the accurate description of how churches can mess up.  The argument for staying isn't to diminish the problems.

On Christians in exile in their own land, when secularism takes over.
"People who uphold a traditional moral architecture for sexuality, marriage, and family have gone, in the space of just twenty years, from mainstream conviction to the equivalent of racists and bigots.... So what do we do now?  Believers don't hav ethe luxury of pessimism, and the idea that we can retire to the safety of some modern equivalent of a monastery in the hills isn't practical or warranted."

Challenging Radical Islam
It's "simplistic if not misleading to argue that groups like IS and Boko Haram have nothing to do with Islam.  Nevertheless, it is equally misleading to argue that the jihadi groups represent the true face of Islam."  This one challenges many Western conservatives who castigate all of Islam as death loving, but challenges non-radical Islam more....

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