Doug Wilson overdose

A needed civics lesson with a provocative ending.
Here's a sample, looking to King Uzziah's sin of going into the temple (2 Chron. 26:16–18).
"Does a king outrank a priest? The blunt answer is that no, he does not. The law of Israel overarches them both, and tells the king what to do, and what he may not do, and tells the priest what he may do, and not do."

Then some bits on why bakers are on the frontline in our homosexual cultural war.
"When Paul teaches us that the woman is the glory of the man, having already said that man is the glory of God, this sets up a standard Hebraic superlative, like we see in the example of the Song of Songs, or the Holy of Holies. Woman is the glory of glories. Homosexual men have thrown that glory away. Because they are homosexual, they have rejected their glory, but because they are still men, they still yearn for glory.
"Now bring it all down to the present moment. It is no coincidence that the battleground professions are those professions which glorify an event. And homosexuals are stuck — through their own demands — with an event which has no glory. So they turn to the Christians, to the evangelical florists, and they demand that we share our glory with them. And this is something we cannot do. Glory doesn’t work that way."

"The current crop of progressives are the heirs of Jim Crow. They are the ones using the law to violate honest consciences."

"I bet a clever graphic design guy could make an exclamation point for those COEXIST bumper stickers out of some lynched evangelical florist.
That should fix everything. And if the clever graphic design guy didn’t want to design something like that . . . well, let’s just make him, shall we?"

On cowardly Christians in the ongoing "homo-jihad" (Wilson's apt term):
"The last thing in the world they would ever want to be called is a racist, and so they get steered where they “ought to be” by threatening to call them racists.... They have ceded complete authority to the world to define righteousness and unrighteousness for them."

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