John 2

Jesus attends a wedding in Galilee at Cana.  They run out of wine and Mary gets Jesus involved.
He has servants put water in stone jars used for keeping Old Testament (OT) ritual law, and turns it to wine as it sits in there.  The chief servant (or host?) points out to the bridegroom that the best wine has just been served.

Jesus goes to Jerusalem for the Passover, and drives sellers out of the temple, calling it His Father's house.  When they ask what right He has to do this, He says He will raise up a new temple in 3 days, when/if this one is destroyed.  Many believe Him because of what He is doing, but He doesn't trust in their support.

  • The OT is good, but the NT is better - like water and wine.
  • (An aside: it is nonsensical to think the chief steward praises grape juice as better wine compared to the wine served earlier - this is normal, fermented, and very good wine.)
  • Zeal for God's house should drive us, as it did Jesus, to confront wrong things happening among His church today.
  • Do not trust in popular support to bring in God's agenda and Kingdom.

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