Psalms 32 & 51

The forgiven are blessed!  When you hide or cover it up, or hold back from repenting, you're miserable and waste away.  Repenting brings refuge and relief, gladness and rejoicing.

After Nathan convicted David of sin, he prayed this:
Have mercy and wash me clean, Lord.  I've sinned against You.
You want truth within my heart.
Restore joy and a clean heart to me; keep Your presence and Spirit with me.
You want a contrite and broken heart.
This will lead to faithful evangelism and right worship.

How this is about Jesus
He is the one who forgives David, like He does the woman caught in adultery.

We need to repent thoroughly of our sins.  The more thorough it is the more relief and joy we will have.  Neglecting repentance corrodes the soul.
Repentance is telling God what He wants, and how you have failed in that.

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