John 6

Jesus feeds 5,000 with 5 bread loaves and 2 fish.  The crowd wants to make Him King on the spot, so He withdraws.  That night He walks on water out to the disciples, rowing in the boat.  The next day the crowd seeks Him and wants a sign that they are to believe in Him.  They recall the manna, and Jesus says God gave them manna, and God sent Him, the bread of life, too.  The crowd can't take this high claim, but Jesus ups the ante: you have to eat My flesh and drink My blood to live.  And it's eternal life; Israel died after eating the manna.  They grumble more.  Jesus ups the ante more: you will see Me ascend to heaven where I came from.  Many leave Him, but Peter says only He has the word of eternal life.

Do not doubt God's ability to provide.
Eat the food God gives you: Jesus.  Accept His words and seek Him for life.

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