Psalms 20-22

May God answer your cry for help.
He saves His people.
Trust in Him, not in armies or military might.

The king rejoices in God's strength.
God sets the king on His throne.
God takes down His enemies.

Why have You forsaken me?
Our fathers trusted You and You gave me life and faith.
But I'm despised and surrounded.
Save me, and I will praise You publicly.
All families will praise You.

How this is about Jesus

  • He is the offering God remembers (20:3).
  • He is the King God establishes - the King rejoices and trusts in His Father (21:1, 7).
  • He quotes 22:1 from the cross, describing His current humiliation, but also looking ahead to the glory coming (22:22, 27-31).

Trust God.
Rejoice in His goodness.
Tell Him your troubles.  Feel free to tell Him in detail!
And seek deliverance from Him.

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