John 5

Jesus heals a man lame for 38 years, by the pool of Bethesda.  He doesn't use the pool at all, which was the custom.  It was a Sabbath, and the Jews oppose Jesus because He was working on the Sabbath.  Jesus' response?  The Father has given authority to the Son, even to restore life to whom He will, and at the Son's command all the dead will rise at the resurrection.

John testified of this.  So do My works right now.  The Father also bears witness that He sent Me, but you don't hear Him.  You search the Scriptures, and they speak of Me.  You are blinded by seeking glory from men.  Moses will accuse you in the end, because He spoke of Me.

We have plenty evidence that Jesus was from God.
Remember the authority the Father gave Him - He is far more than substitute sacrifice!
Don't get caught up in petty rules or disputes when the King sent from God stands before you.

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