Two Short Psalms

Psalm 64
The wicked are ambushing me with schemes.  But when God brings them down men will fear, and the righteous will rejoice.

Psalm 70
Don't delay to stop and shame those trying to hurt me.

How this is about Jesus
They tried to trap Him with words and take Him down, but when it seemed they had succeeded, He won His greatest victory.
They shamed Him on the cross, but in the end they will be ashamed.

These are meant to gowith 2 Samuel 20, I think.  When you're in trouble, cry out to God.
It's more important to actually cry to Him, than to hold your heart back from Him with "careful" prayers.  David calls his prayer a complaint, and tells God to hurry up.  Seems impertinent.  Irreverent, even.

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