1 Samuel 28-29

The Philistines muster against Israel, and Achish insists David fight with him.
Saul is scared, and seeks God, but He doesn't answer.  So Saul seeks out a witch/medium to raise up Samuel.  Samuel tells Saul he'll be dead by tomorrow, and Israel defeated.  She gives them a fatted calf and unleavened bread, hinting this is an anti-Passover. (Not Moses but a medium; not redemption but defeat; not obedience but rejection).

David, meanwhile, is like Moses, raised with the Egyptians/Philistines but escaping from them to fight for Israel instead.  The Philistines are probably right when they protest to their king that David would turn against them in battle.

How this is about Jesus
Unlike Saul, He sought only the Lord when in distress and agony, at His temptation in the desert and in Gethsemane.
God delivered Him from surrounding enemies, unlike Saul.
As usual, people around Jesus are divided about how to respond to Him, as the Philistines were with David.

If God won't answer you, examine and purify yourself.  Do not seek wisdom elsewhere while you wait on Him - there is no plan B that will help.
If you find yourself eating with the wicked while they do or approve of wicked things, you've gone a long way down the road of Saul.  "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers..." (Psalm 1:1).

"Tomorrow you [Saul] and your sons shall be with me [Samuel]" - 1 Samuel 28:19

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