Psalm 27-29

God saves, so why should I fear man?
All I want is to live with God, see Him.  He will protect me.
I pursue being present with You, as You want.
Adversaries have arisen, but I believe I'll see God's goodness as I wait for Him.

Hear my cry for help, and don't let the wicked who don't regard You have their way with me.
God has heard me, so I rejoice.  He will rescue His people.

Give God the glory due Him - He is holy!
His voice is powerful and majestic, breaking cedars, shaking deserts, birthing forest creatures
God is on His throne - all cry out "Glory!" around Him.  He gives peace.

How is this about Jesus?
He is the recipient of worship in God's throne room (Rev. 5:8-13).  They give glory to Him.
His voice is powerful - John 5:28-29; Rev. 1:15.
He did not fear man when they mocked, intimidated and condemned Him (John 18-19).

Worshiping God happens in holiness - that of Christ.  We can only worship God in His name.
We must give God glory - it is due to Him.
We should fear and praise God for His power and tenderness shown in nature and in our lives.

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