Luke 22

The leaders want to arrest and kill Jesus, but they can't get at Him.  Judas agrees to betray Him - he can lead them to Him secretly.  Passover is arranged, but Jesus alters the liturgy significantly.  It is about His blood, not lamb's blood from the Exodus.  He won't drink the last cup until the Kingdom of God is consummated.  And someone will betray Him.  The disciples argue about who is the greatest, and Jesus calls them to serve instead, until He gives them thrones from which to judge.  Jesus prays for Peter that Satan not destroy him.  The disciples will be hard pressed soon, unlike before, and must be prepared for it.

They leave the city of Jerusalem (they are sleeping nights on Olive Mt.) and Jesus observes the traditional night of watching (Exodus 12:42).  But again, the liturgy is altered since the fulfillment of the Exodus is at hand.  Jesus asks God to change the plan, if possible, but it isn't, and He is in agony, while His disciples sleep.

Judas arrives with the soldiers to arrest Him, Peter starts to fight but Jesus stops him and rebukes them for their under-handedness.  They take Him to Caiaphas.  Peter skulks behind, and denies knowing Jesus 3 times when he arrives.  They mock and beat Jesus before questioning Him.  Their question is only meant to trap, not discern the truth, to which they are opposed.  Jesus responds that He will be seated next to God very soon, forever.  They condemn Him.


  • Jesus has authority to redefine the centuries old Passover service, since He is fulfilling it.  He is the true Passover, sacrificed for us (1 Cor. 5:8).
  • Like Peter, we may resolve to fight for Jesus (going down in a flame of glory), but we are more likely to be ashamed to be condemned, arrested and humiliated for Him.
  • It's helpful to tell the difference between a sincere question seeking the truth, and questions asked only to mock, entrap or condemn.

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