2 Samuel 15; Psalm 3, 69

Absalom campaigns and conspires a coup de etat against his father David.
David's gentile officer shows loyalty, he retreats and prays to God for help.  Hushai appears in answer  to confound Absalom's advice.  David leaves the ark in the city, leaving the result in God's hands.

Psalm 3
I have a lot of enemies rising against me, Lord!
But You are my shield and will deliver me.
Bless Your people, Lord.

Psalm 69
I am reproached by many, but You can deliver me.  Stop them!  I am zealous four Your house and city.

How this is about Jesus
He is the king and Israel rebelled against Him, but Gentiles supported Him.
He was zealous for God's house.
He prayed to God for help on Olive Mt. and God answered.

When in trouble, cry to the Lord, reaffirm your motives are pure, keep His people and His purposes in mind, and look around for an answer.
Treachery comes from among God's people as often as from outside.

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