2 Samuel 10-12

The Ammonites offend David and gather the Syrians to fight Israel again, but Joab and Abishai win.

David stays home from all this fighting, and commits adultery with Bathsheba.  When he hears she is pregnant, he tries to cover it up by bringing her husband Uriah home.  When that doesn't work, David has Uriah killed in battle.  David marries Bathsheba as soon as possible.

God isn't going to let this go.  Nathan tells David a parable of this sin, and David doesn't see himself in it and gets angry at the sin.  "You are the man!"  When David sees it, he repents.  David's family will have strife and sword, his wives will be violated publicly, and the child Bathsheba is expecting will die.

How this is about Jesus
Unlike David, Jesus does not give in to this or any other temptation.
Unlike David, Jesus leads the fight for Israel against her enemies.
Jesus is more like Nathan in this passage - convicting us of sin by parable.
David is not the ultimate deliverer of Israel, given his sin; we look for another sinless Mediator.


  • Repentance brings forgiveness, but consequences also ensue.
  • Our spiritual warfare has multiple fronts.  Often when we are winning in one area (Ammonites), we get ambushed from another front (Bathsheba at home).  Vigilance is needed!
  • Don't put your trust in fallible men, no matter how strong a leader they appear.  Timely, given the presidential candidates declaring themselves these days...

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