52.  God is going to cut you down for plotting my destruction, but He will prosper me.

57.  David takes refuge in God when men try to trap him.  He sings and exalts God over Heaven and earth.

142.  I cry out a complaint to God, for no one cares for me.  Deliver me so I can thank You.  I know You will.

54.  Save me, God, for the ruthless seek my life!  You are my helper and have delivered me.

63.  Lord, I long for you like I do for water in a desert.  You satisfy me like rich food.  My enemies will fall, and the king will joy in You.

How this is about Jesus
Read the Psalms as if Jesus were saying them, not just David.
Jesus had enemies, cried out to God in distress, and God delivered him.

This is good reading when we are discouraged or tempted.  God is our refuge.

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