John 9

Jesus heals a man born blind.  The disciples want to know who sinned to cause the blindness, but the answer is neither.  The man and his parents get caught in the argument about Jesus.  Some say He can't be from God since He doesn't keep the Sabbath, healing on it.  Others say a sinner not from God couldn't do such things at all.  They ask the man healed, but don't believe him until they talk to his parents.  Then they try to get him to declare Jesus a sinner, but he reasons before them that He must be from God, so they excommunicate him.  Jesus finds him and invites him to Himself as the Son of Man.  The man worships Him, and Jesus says this is the judgment I came for - some will see and come to Me, while others who claim to see will reject Me and be blind.

When God does a great thing for us, it is left for us to accept it, believe, praise Him and tell others. 
Trying to explain it or figure it out on your terms is often a sign of unbelief.

When you sin or have stubborn unbelief, you really can't leave it alone.  You have to get others to approve of your sin or declare your unbelief along with you.

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