John 10

Jesus says He is the door for the sheep to enter safety, rest and home.
He is the shepherd who gives His life for the sheep against the wolves.
He knows the sheep and they follow His voice.
There are other sheep and He will unite them as one flock under Him.
I lay down My life by My will, asked by My Father, it's not forced on Me by others.

At the next feast, Hanukkah, Jesus is at the temple, and the Jews demand a plain yes or no answer if He is the Christ:
"I told you but you won't believe.  My Father has given Me the sheep that are Mine."
They want to stone Him for making Himself equal with God.  He quotes Psalm 82 to defuse this - God calls human rulers gods, so what's the big deal about God's ordained servant being called Son of God?  (The context of the Psalm also convicts them as unjust rulers - see Psalm 82:6-7).
They try to arrest Him and He leaves and goes to the Jordan River.

Many people keep asking questions about Jesus long after they have decided to reject Him as Savior and Lord (John 10:24).
He is God's ordained Shepherd of God's people.
We must follow Him, and heed His words.  He has our good interest as His purpose.
Go through the door to the Shepherd, or you are not of His flock.
Access to the food in the pasture, and to the safety of home, is through Jesus the door.

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