Luke 23

The Jewish leaders bring Jesus to Pilate to be condemned.  Pilate declares him innocent three times, but they keep pressing for a conviction.  Pilate sends him to Herod, which Herod appreciates, but Jesus says nothing to his questions and Herod sends Him back.  When the Jews threaten to riot Pilate gives in.

While carrying His cross out of the city (!), Jesus warns His mourners that it'll be worse for them when Jerusalem is destroyed.
Once they nail Him to the cross, the people weep, but the rulers dare Him to save Himself.  One of those crucified with Him rails on Him like that, but the other knows Jesus isn't at all like that.
It is dark from noon to 3pm, when Jesus dies.  The supervising Roman declares Jesus' innocence, and many were watching.
A Sanhedrin member, Joseph from Arimathea, asks for His body.  He abstained or voted no for Jesus' condemnation.  He buries Jesus in his own very fancy and expensive tomb.  This is Friday night, and the Sabbath was just beginning.


  • The innocence of Jesus is declared repeatedly by most participants and onlookers.  Jesus didn't deserve this - we did, for our sins.
  • Our piety tends to focus on weeping for Jesus at His death, but He points us elsewhere - to the suffering we could face in times of judgement.
  • Especially at the cross there is a division between those who grieve what is happening, and those who scoff or demand His help selfishly.  All the world responds in one of these two ways.

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