2 Samuel 6-7

David brings the ark to Jerusalem from Judah, but it is put on a cart instead of carried.  This results in touching it when there's a stumble, and God strikes the man dead.  Rejoicing turns to grief, and David waits until he hears the family is blessed where the ark is temporarily stored.  Then he does it right, leading the dancing and worship himself.  But when he gets home, his wife Michal criticizes his exuberance and immodesty in the dance.  David is not self-conscious about his dignity like Saul was, he point out to her.  Israel's women honor him more than she does.  God apparently agrees with David's assessment, for Michal is barren the rest of her life.

David tells Nathan the prophet he is thinking of building a house (temple) for the ark.  God responds through Nathan that He will first build Him a house (dynasty).  His seed will build a temple, and be established forever.
David prays: who am I that you have brought me this far, and now You will do this for me, too?!  You are great, O God; establish Your word.

How this is about Jesus

  • His worship leads Israel, too (Psalm 22:22; Luke 11:1-4).
  • He is the ultimate fulfillment of this very significant OT promise.  He is the seed of David who will sit on his throne forever before God and over God's people (Luke 1:33).


  • Just because great things are happening in your life, it's no time to shrug at God's commands, even about seemingly small things.  David is finally king!  The capital is ready to receive his throne and the ark!  Who cares how it's brought there?  God does (Exodus 25:14).
  • God must do great things for you before you can do great things for Him.

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