Psalm 31 & 35

I put myself in Your hands, Lord - rescue me!
I am in distress, and a reproach to my adversaries.
But "my times are in Your hand," I trust You, and You will repay the wicked.
So, love God, and take courage!

Fight those fighting me, Lord!
They are trying to take me down - former friends I wept with.  But now when I weep they mock and gloat.
Vindicate me, and shame those pursuing injustice against me.

How this is about Jesus
He quotes 31:5, as He is reproached Himself.  He trusts His Father to the last.
He sought vindication from His Father, though He seldom expressed it.  He got it in the resurrection and ascension.

When in distress, we are to commit ourselves to God and trust Him.
We can ask God to right wrongs done against us.  Vindication comes from God, not men.

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