Psalm 4-6

Psalm 4
Answer me, Lord, for honor is turned into shame!
You know Your people, Lord, so I will not sin in my frustration, but offer sacrifice instead.
Many are cynical, and have given up on You, but You grant joy and peace to our hearts.

Hear me as I pray to You in the morning, Lord.
You can't stand the wicked and their ways.
I will worship You in the temple, as You lead me.
Let the wicked bear their guilt for rebelling against You.
Cover and protect those who seek refuge in You.

How long will you be so hard on me as I languish in my bed?
Deliver me; what's the point in letting me die?
I am weary from weeping so much.
God hears me, and will turn back my enemies from overwhelming me.

How this is about Jesus
He prayed to God early in the morning (Mark 1:35).
He worshiped in the temple, zealous for God's house.
He was in agony from weariness and weeping in Gethsemane.
I think He experienced sicknesses common to man (Ps 6:2).

Part of talking to God is asking for a response, asking Him to hear, pouring out your heart to him, letting your emotions go a bit.  We see David doing that, but not letting his emotions drive him.  Instead, always returning to the truth he knows about God.

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