2 Samuel 13-14

David's family becomes a wreck.
His son rapes his daughter.  Another son kills him in vengeance for it two years later, and flees the country.  David seems paralyzed.  Joab has to contrive a story to get David to let Absalom return, and David really wanted him to return, but then David refuses to see him.  He has to be pressured into it by Absalom through Joab.

How this is about Jesus
He came to die for and fix messed up family situations like this.  The same dysfunction was in Abraham's family, and Jacob's, and others in the Bible, and maybe in yours, too.

No situation is so shameful or gross that scripture doesn't address it, that Jesus can't redeem and fix it.
Don't let sin in yourself or your family members make you so emotional that you aren't consistent, firm and graceful in how you deal with problems and people.

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